EQUUS 175N The best forestry tractor made in Slovakia

Introducing the EQUUS 175N forest tractor, whose main attributes are robustness, reliability and reliability. The easy-to-use, easy-to-use electronic tractor that meets the demanding contemporary criteria, equipped with state-of-the-art hydrostats with perfectly controlled cooling, combines a high-performance forestry machine with the ability to travel 40 km / h at a distance of more than 100 km! The lowest center of gravity in a given class predetermines it for work in the most demanding terrain.

Among the first we started to use state-of-the-art STAGE IV combustion engines, we increased the transmission efficiency and logic of the entire tractor, allowing us to save 20-30% of fuel per 1m3. This means not only fuel savings and emissions reductions, but also a longer service life, a better price / performance ratio, a higher profit per 1m3 and therefore the highest added value for the user.

Do you need a tractor that can handle, cut and transport wood in bulk and in short periods of time? Choose from a range of technical designs (standard, hydraulic hand, grapple, saw, harvester, output shaft, PTO ...), complete your tractor with the desired equipment and your dream tractor is here! ツ.

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EQUUS 175 N forestry tractor and its features:

  • Maintenance

    Forestry tractor EQUUS 175N - 
    it is reliability, simplicity and affordable price.

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  • Design

    Can you imagine a reliable, easy-to-use forestry tractor having no unnecessary electronic components that complies with the current demanding criteria?

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  • Service Life

    Robustness, economy and reliability are the attributes for the  forestry wheeled tractor EQUUS 175 .

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  • Engine – the first forestry skidder complying with the Stage IV F emission class.

    EQUUS, as the first among the forestry tractor manufacturers, utilizes engines complying with the highest emission class of EURO 6 (TIER IV F).

    This 4-cylinder engine with direct injection (Electronic Common Rail) provides your vehicle with 175 horsepower and the torque of 710 Nm, thus performing comparably to 6-cylinder engines. At a significantly lower engine weight, you get the same power at lower fuel consumption.


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  • Transmission – A unique hydrostat system

    EQUUS designed and installed the most efficient hydrostat! The transmission of the EQUUS forestry tractor is unique thanks to the placement of the swinging plate of the axial pump at the most suitable angle in combination with an optimally selected volume. The hydraulic system does not suffer from overheating and you work in the working mode with the maximum power and at the same time you save fuel and behave in environmentally friendly manner.

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  • EQUUS Cabin – the guarantee of the maximum safety

    The cabin, which is an in-house production by EQUUS, offers the highest safety parameters! Not only does it meet the basic limits of the OPS, FOPS and ROPS standards, it even exceeds them. The cabin's position is very low. It thus offers the most convenient way to get in and out of the cabin. Lighting is intelligently installed inside the body and therefore it allows, together with the use of high-quality LEXAN glass, to eliminate the use of grille protectors.

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  • EQUUS 120 hydraulic arm – robust and powerful solution

    EQUUS 120 hydraulic arm – robust and powerful solution EQUUS designed their own hydraulic arm, which can be folded down to the level of the cabin top. Its robust structure with the net lifting power up to 120 kN and the technical design allows not only to handle but also to drag the wood. Thanks to its robustness, the EQUUS 120 hydraulic arm is very strong but not too heavy, which also contributes to the low fuel consumption and environmental friendliness. The EQUUS 120 hydraulic arm is suitable for a wide range of applications (grapple, saw, harvester, dipper...).

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  • Traction force – the pride of EQUUS

    The EQUUS forestry tractor offers the highest traction force among all tractors! The input torque on the axle amounts up to 4200 N/m, and combined with the new brakes housing, the parameters correspond to those of higher-end tractors, which in practice means easy dragging of a large mass of wood. Highly oversized axles comply with the highest current requirements. Together with the unique transmission, the EQUUS 175N forestry tractor offers a unique opportunity to achieve a high above-standard performance.


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  • Frames and axles - great strength reserve

    Forest tractor frames 175 are completely drawn from high-strength S690 sheets, which contribute to the high stiffness and long service life of the machine.

    The axles of the reputed NAF manufacturer with 17t / 4200Nm parameters are standard in the higher tractor categories. By deliberately overriding this key component, we have secured our tractor a great deal of resilience and loadability even in the toughest operating conditions.


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