EQUUS 175N forestry tractor production program

Offer of EQUUS forestry tractors

Offer of EQUUS forestry tractors

Can you imagine a reliable, easy-to-use forestry tractor having no unnecessary electronic components that complies with the current demanding criteria? EQUUS 175N forestry tractor with the state-of-the-art hydrostat and perfectly designed cooling combines a high-performance forestry machinery with the ability to travel on roads on its own at the speed of 40 km/h to the distance of at least 100 km! The lowest centre of gravity among all tractors in the given class makes this machine a perfect choice for work in the most demanding terrain. Thanks to its low weight and the state-of-the-art EURO 6 engine you will save on fuel and through the efecitivity of the hydrostatic logic we saved 20-30% of fuel consumption. Do you need a tractor that can handle, cut and transport wood in bulk and in short periods of time?

Service Life

EQUUS 175 wheeled forestry tractor is characterized by robustness, economy and reliability.
The frame is made of high-strength high-quality steel, which guarantees a long service life and a low weight of the tractor, together with a low fuel consumption. The cabin meets the strictest safety parameters of protection against roll-over and breakage (ROPS, FOPS, OPS). Axles made by the renowned German manufacturer are oversized for much higher loads than commonly used axles. The combination of proprietary hydrostatic transmission and cooling guarantees a consistently high performance over a long period.
We recommend to use additional equipment by renowned and proven suppliers.


EQUUS 175N forestry tractor is characterized by reliability, simplicity and affordable price. These are the criteria we have set when designing the EQUUS forestry tractor. We have avoided complicated control units. Engine error readers, however, allow for accurate and fast diagnostics of the engine and hydrostat. Hydraulic cylinders are dimensionally identical, which enables their quick and inexpensive replacement on the entire tractor. The engine part, working hydraulics and all other components are mounted in the frame structure in a manner allowing a trouble-free access and quick and cheapest possible repairs. Conditions for both warranty and post-warranty repairs are set up affordably– we provide the most optimum conditions while maintaining the highest possible warranty. Our dedicated service team will always be glad to help you.

Choose from a range of technical designs (standard, hydraulic arm, grapple, grapple with saw, harvester, output shaft, PTO...), complete your tractor with the desired equipment and your dream tractor is here!

  • EQUUS 175N Basic

    The basic version of the EQUUS 175 forestry tractor features a front blade, rear shield and reel. It is the ideal choice for users who are accustomed to the classic manner of working and are comfortable with working only with a reel and a blade. The hydraulic arm can be also installed as an option. The weight of the tractor is 8,800 kg.

  • EQUUS 175N Universal

    The basic version + the EQUUS 120 hydraulic arm with the grapple (size 0.35 as standard) and the clambunk with automatic clamping. The grapple may also be in the version with a saw. Hydraulic arms are available in the following lengths: 6.1 m, 7.5 m (double telescope) and 9.5 m (double telescope).

  • EQUUS 175 N Harvester

    The basic version + the EQUUS 120 hydraulic arm with the harvester head. Hydraulic arms are available in the following lengths: 6.1 m, 7.5 m (double telescope) and 9.5 m (double telescope). This version is suitable for harvesting or finishing works after harvesting of wood.

  • PTO + output shaft (cardan)

    Do you want a forestry tractor while you also need to mulch or do other work using the output shaft and you do not want to buy another single-purpose tractor? We offer a great solution: combine the most powerful hydrostatic drive and a unique transmission and nothing will prevent you from doing even the most difficult work.

  • Other uses

    Do you need to temporarily use the tractor for less common purposes, e.g. for a construction, landscaping work, etc.? You can do this easily: with a robust quick-coupling system you can use the EQUUS hydraulic arm with a majority of the most common forestry grapples, dippers, twig holders, mulching heads, trimming heads, grapples with saws, etc.

  • Optional equipment

    Supplementary production for the entire range of Equus forest tractors from hydraulic hand to front tooth or remote control for reel and vehicle.


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