About us

The idea of producing special forestry tractors occurred to us after more than 12 years of operation of forestry machinery repair service. It was a response to requirements of customers who demanded a forestry tractor with long service life, easy maintenance and parameters comparable to world-class machines to the best price. So we started the production of the skidder EQUUS 175N.

The first tractor prototypes were produced in 2014 and 2015. At present, a series production of 30-40 vehicles per year is underway. Our satisfied customers operate our tractors in Slovakia as well as in the surrounding countries like Czechia, Hungary, Poland, Germany, Romania and France.

Our company started with four employees and at present we employ more than 20 employees of different professions.

As one of the few companies, we have the highest share of our own components in the machine (frames, cabin, winch and hydraulic arm), allowing us not only to control quality parameters throughout the production process, but also to flexibly respond to new market demands, develop and implement own innovative solutions and, last but not least, to maintain the acceptable resultant product.

We are proud that our machines can be labeled "Made in Slovakia".


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If you have further questions about a forestry tractor, please contact us

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